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    The 14.5 km predator exclusion fence is currently under construction as a first step to remove all introduced mammalian pests from within the 691 hectare fenced area.

    Since trapping began in 2007, we have physically removed around 30,000 pests from the sanctuary site by trapping and hunting.

    In winter 2016, the Sanctuary will close for a period of a few months while pests are removed from inside the fenced area with an aerial bait operation.

    Posted by webmaster on Dec 1st, 2015

Track Building

The Fence

    Check out this drone flight over the fence route 

    Posted by webmaster on Aug 21st, 2015

Visitor Centre

    The Visitor Centre is open on weekends from10:30am - 4:30pm.

    Vehicle gate closed at 5pm. Please make sure your vehicle is not in the carpark after 5pm 
    Dogs are Prohibited.

    Please observe all warning signage and check the current track status on the front board at the Visitor Centre. Or here .

    Posted by Rick Field on Mar 25th, 2015

Wildlife Monitoring

    All birds, like us, rest and sleep. This period of inactivity is called roosting. Some birds roost alone, while others roost in groups varying in size from small to very large. To be honest, you probably won’t want to encourage birds to communally roost extensively in your garden. Just think back to the times when you parked your car under the shade of a large tree, only to return to find it blanketed in guano.

    Posted by Katherine Chamberlain on Apr 16th, 2014